Who Are You Guys?

Writing Center Director, Greg Farber-Mazor discusses the implications of gendered words and phrases in the pursuit of equality and inclusivity, as well as his own effort to remove the gendered phrase "you guys" from his vocabulary.


Shit Stains

In the poet's own words, "I wrote this poem while in need of catharsis. Following the Writing Center meeting regarding bias, including race and gender bias, I felt uncomfortable in that I had not contributed much to the conversation. I had plenty of thoughts running through my head, but I was unsure how to communicate them. I was also deeply bitter at the idea of biases, and the realization that they are all too common. After the meeting, I went home and tried to organize my thoughts into poetry. Nevertheless, I am satisfied with choosing this medium rather than discussing verbally at the meeting. At least in my experience, as a poet, I never find the right words to say until after the occasion. This poem helped me do just that.