Writing Center Photo Contest Winners

by Julia Lewis If you have been following the Bentley Writing Center on social media, you have likely seen us sharing the winning photos from this spring's Bentley University Writing Center Photo Contest. Each year the Bentley Writing Center has the exciting opportunity to engage the entire Bentley community by inviting students to submit instances of … Continue reading Writing Center Photo Contest Winners


Being a Writing Center Tutor

Recently a few tutors reflected on their experiences as Writing Center tutors. Here are two different perspectives. One is from a senior who has worked at the Writing Center for almost three years, and the others is written by someone who just started working there this semester. Sixth and Final Semester As I am writing … Continue reading Being a Writing Center Tutor

Good Luck! 3 Pieces of Advice for Graduating Seniors

by Greg Farber-Mazor At the end of every year, as the graduating senior Writing Center tutors are preparing to move on from the confines of the library basement (and Bentley), I typically write them a short note of thanks and wish them well in their future endeavors. This year, for reasons I can’t quite put … Continue reading Good Luck! 3 Pieces of Advice for Graduating Seniors

The Dos and Don’ts of Professional E-mails

By Alison Fortier Bentley definitely prepares us well for the business world with all the GBs and even CDI, but we’re left to figure out other things on our own. For example: writing professionally for day-to-day business. Don’t worry if this part of business isn’t your favorite thing in the world because there are several … Continue reading The Dos and Don’ts of Professional E-mails