The Ultimate Cure for Writer’s Block?

Apparently so, if this Japanese-made pencil lead delivers on its promise to “enhance mental capacity” via a “long lasting aroma.” Expert aromatherapists teamed up with nano-technologists to develop this lead, known as “Ain Supplio.” I was initially skeptical, and shook my head as I read “unlike previous types of fragrant lead…” Really?! I thought. There’s actually people out there concerned about tracking the performance  of smelly pencils? The fact that there was even something to compare this discovery  to, a precedent, made me scoff. I asked myself, though, what about the hundreds of inventions that were once “scoffed” at, only to become virtual necessities? Truthfully I cannot think of a specific one at the moment for which I can provide an account of initial skepticism. Probably, though, a lot of them were initially dismissed as frivolous or impossible. What if the fate of Ain Supplio is akin to the fate of the shape-up tennis shoe, or  the heated staircase?

At under $2 per set and available in flavors Refresh, Healing, or Positive, Ain Supplio is one of those rare products that is customizable and affordable. A quick google search and I learned that Pentel now offers mechanical pencils equipped with Ain Supplio. Their version reportedly “satisfies poetic urges” and the reviews were particularly encouraging. Still, though, the primary tenet of the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics states “seek truth and report it”…I shall do exactly that. On to the Christmas list goes Ain Supplio, a sample actuary exam will clearly indicate if this legendary lead really does have “a fragrant effect with the ability to improve learning.”

-Emily Digiovanna

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