10 Reasons Why Real Books Will Always Be Better than E-Books

1.       Indestructible. Excluding the element of fire, you can spill lattes, spaghetti, meatballs, or cornflakes on books without experiencing internal combustion.
2.       Sharing the wealth. Books can be shared with friends and family—there are no extra fees or restrictions to lend a book to your brother.
3.       Extra functionality. You can’t really use eBooks as chair cushions or writing surfaces, now can you?
4.       Classy decoration. Book collections add character and pizzazz to every room. Cluttered paperbacks and journals shoved into small bookshelves are a nice decoration—these books on display represent who you are.
5.       Physical exercise. Instead of simply using your mere fingers to operate a Kindle or Nook, reading a physical book requires intense exercise of the wrists (turning pages is a difficult task).
6.       You look smart. You’re in Starbucks, reading a 400-page book. You look pretty intelligent compared to typing along on a Kindle. Sure, you might be reading Harry Potter for the third time, but who would guess that?
7.       They’re REAL. Books are real! You’re not staring at small screen, studying digital letters—books offer the raw experience of…reading a book.
8.       The pillow factor. Can you take a nice catnap on your Nook? No.
9.       Make your mark. Yes, you have highlighting and note applications on your Kindle, but you can actually write in hard copies.  Bored in AC 311? Draw a nice little sad face to illustrate your feelings.
10.   Books are just better. Need I say more?

-Julie Bourgeois

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This is the official blog of the Bentley University Writing Center staff.
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