U No Its Gone 2 Far

I’m all for technology. And I’m all for social media. I’m not going to sit here and bash Facebook and Twitter as if I don’t use both extensively. But part of me is a writer, and this part of me cringes every time I log on to check out recent posts. The spelling and grammar (or lack thereof) people use when posting to these sites can be truly pitiful.

We all make mistakes – spelling errors, incorrect tenses and the like. And these errors are bound to make their way into posts when spellcheck isn’t there to remind us to make corrections with squiggly red and green lines. On the other hand unconventional methods of writing may be “4 a purpose” when using sites like Twitter (although you won’t get my approval.) But, what I’m talking here about are those grave moments when people choose to abandon any and all prior knowledge of the English language. For example, take one anonymous person’s Twitter update, “Made din din fer tha rents, cleaned da mamas car now its….. Wait for it……… GOLDRUSH TIME!!!” Say what?? My Microsoft Word is angry at me for even copying and pasting that sentence.

The problem is I don’t know who or what to blame. Has technology made us lazy writers? The anonymous poster above might posit that we have become creative and imaginative writers, but come on folks, “git wid it.” Or, have we as a society abandoned any call for proper writing in the public arena of internet conversations?

Answering either question results in discouraging replies. I would say yes, we have become lazy writers and lazy editors when it comes to publicly posted notes on the internet. And moving forward, as social media and technological innovations expand at exponential rates the future doesn’t look too bright for concerned writers. Spellcheck isn’t even enough anymore. Now we have smartphones that can make assumptions and auto-correct what we may or may not have even wanted to say.

In the end, whether technology destroys the written word beyond repair fails upon us. So unite proud writers of the world! Perhaps the internet can be saved one syntactically sound, grammatically correct, and properly spelled sentence at a time.

-Alec Russell

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