Social Media TMI

Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, and social media in general have exploded in popularity in recent years- we all know this. We also know that it’s considered strange if someone doesn’t have at least one of these profiles. Through them, we share everything- our pictures, friends, funny web links, location, daily schedule, latest heartbreak, crazy weekends, favorite movies, articles we’ve read, YouTube videos, games we play- the typical list goes on and on. The amount of information that is possible to share on sites like Facebook is practically limitless- not always a good thing, in my opinion. If you’re going jogging and then taking your kids to hockey, do 300 of your closest friends need to know? While I’m sure you’re hurting over that recent break-up, please stop posting pointed Taylor Swift lyrics directed at your not so significant other.  Best of all are the “I’m bored, someone text me” status updates or tweets- why don’t you just text someone instead of posting that? It would probably take less time. If this is becoming a rant, then I apologize, but we all have that one friend who constantly posts his or her every thought. Moral of the story? Before you post, think about what you’re saying and how you’d feel if something similar popped up on your News Feed. Chances are that status might not need to go up.

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