Back into the Swing of Things

It’s that time of year again!  Everyone is cheerful and upbeat, rap music is blasting from the dorms, people are actually hanging out on the green space—the first month of school has officially begun.  After three years at Bentley, the first weeks of September are always my favorite.  It’s that point in the school year when you have not completely come to the realization that the whole purpose of going to college is to “learn.”  But because of this mindset, the transition from this two-three week grace period to actual school work is always difficult.  So, lucky for you, I have come up with two main suggestions to make the change a bit easier.

Make yourself at home.  Every year when I move back into the dorms, I never completely organize my things.  My books are everywhere, notebooks are scattered—my room is always a bit out a place. So this year, I’ve tried out a new tactic, and it worked!  I got organized the first week.  I bought all the books, organized and even labeled my notebooks, and worked with the roommates to decorate and design our common room.  While this seems pretty easy and elementary, it goes a long way.  Organizing and decorating your room early on gets you comfortable with your study space—whether this means setting up that futon in your living room, or simply figuring what which stuff to put in your desk drawers.   I have come to find that if my things are still everywhere and if I still have no idea where I put my books, I am never ready to buckle down and actually get started with school work.  Being settled and comfortable in your own room is key when it comes time to get started with homework.

Learn how to read again.

Bentley Greenspace

Bentley Greenspace, from HerCampus Bentley

For most of us, our professors assign a few chapters to read leading up to a quiz or project that is due in a few weeks.  And during those first two three weeks of school, many of us pretend that these reading assignments do not exist.  They do exist.  So here I am, a wisecollege senior, telling you to read (if you are responsible and already read, good for you, ignore what I said).  This is important.  When you get to that course project or essay due the first week of October, you will be thankful that you were somewhat prepared and knew what the readings were about.

So there you go, my two simple requests: get organized and start flexing those reading muscles.  It will be tough, but it will also be worth it in a month.  Cherish these last few days of September bliss, while also getting yourself prepared for the legendary Bentley workload.  Who knows, maybe I’ll see you on the green space in the meantime.

Julie Bourgeois


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