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Apologies to the rest of the student body, but this post is going to be a little biased towards the senior class. This being said, I’m sure many of you can still relate, even if you aren’t part of the elite class of 2013.

So here we all are, one year left. Don’t worry, I’m not going to take a trip down memory lane – I’m sure there will be plenty of people to belabor that subject as graduation creeps up on us. Rather, I want to give a little advice in regards to making this last year successful academically. Some of you are probably thinking, “What is this kid talking about? I’m just going to do what I’ve been doing for the past three years: work hard, play hard, and coast on through.” While a fine idea in theory, you’ll soon come to find that this plan starts shifting heavily to one extreme of the spectrum – playing hard. Let’s be honest, the only thing on our minds during the week is Tequila Tuesday, Thirsty Skell Thursday, and that strange mesh of Friday and Saturday night that blur together until we wake up Sunday morning underneath the dining room table mumbling a lifelong vow of sobriety. We all want our senior year to be the best one yet and, frankly, we deserve to celebrate a little bit.

This being said, we can’t forget that senior year is no less important academic-wise than any other year. We’re still taking classes that, if done poorly in, will have a substantial effect on our G.P.A., and if failed, will prevent graduation all together. Additionally, many of us are trying to fit in an internship among our already-chaotic lifestyles, which is no easy task. Some would even argue that senior year is the most important year of our undergraduate career because this is the time we decide where we’re going to be exactly one year from now. So here’s my advice:

  1. If you’re doing an internship, try to avoid partying the night before work. If you’ve experienced working 4-8 hours hung-over, you’ll know that it’s not a fun experience and that your fellow coworkers notice. We still want to keep a respectable reputation for both Bentley and ourselves in the community.
  2. Anticipate that you will NOT be doing work on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. I know this implies doing work at least 3-4 days before it’s due, which is almost unheard of in our generation, but trust me, your grades and sleep schedule will thank you.
  3. Take advantage of all the resources Bentley has to offer while you’re still here. Whether this means visiting our Writing Center to talk about specific issues you have with your writing before you’re thrown out into the work force, or heading to career services to find that oh-so-perfect full-time job. It’s all free (depending on what you consider free seeing that it’s definitely included in our tuition), so you might as well use it.
  4. Start planning and working on any major projects. I know several seniors have graduate essays, capstone projects, and accounting/finance-related tests that they will need to complete by the year’s end. Instead of packing the anxiety into one semester, try diffusing some of it now by beginning to study or finding sources to support your project thesis.

Hopefully you found one or two of these pearls of wisdom relevant, and can end up applying them to your final year. If this is the case, and you feel the need to personally thank me, I implore you to find me next May on the sandy beaches of the Bahamas, where we’ll toast to a great four years. See you all there.

Chris Brault

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This is the official blog of the Bentley University Writing Center staff.
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