10 Reasons to Get Up Early in the Morning

We’ve all been through it.  It’s 7 o’ clock on a Wednesday morning—you have to get up early to cram for that accounting final, but your bed is just too comfortable and you want to return to that dream about Ryan Gosling.  So how do you convince yourself to get up?  Here are a few things to motivate you:

  1. Be that person who is the first one in the library.
  2. You need to get to Seasons before all the pancakes become rubbery and get picked over.
  3. You’ll need enough time to Instagram that picture of your pancakes.
  4. With all that snoring last night, your roommate deserves to be woken up early with the stereo blasting Taylor Swift.
  5. Beat that Einsteins pre-class rush, and grab a table in the café afterwards so you can tease the silly people who wait in line and will be late for class.
  6. If you wake up early enough, you can walk up to the top of the Smith stairs without anyone seeing you panting.
  7. Snag a prime table at LaCava at 11am before the lunch crowd invades the place.
  8. You know you’ll need that extra 15 minutes before class to creep on Facebook.
  9. What if today is the last day before the apocalypse?
  10. And I guess there is the slight possibility you could be productive and get some work done before class.

Julie Bourgeois

About BentleyWritingCenter

This is the official blog of the Bentley University Writing Center staff.
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