“Omg,” she says, and I immediately cringe in my seat.  I absolutely hate when people talk in “text lingo,” so naturally, my little sister makes it a point to throw in a little phrase here or there just to drive me crazy. It’s not just her though; everywhere I go I hear people tossing around a “wtf” or “ttyl.” I simply do not understand. What exactly is the allure? Would it kill people to maybe crack a smile, or, God forbid, actually laugh instead of saying “lolz?!”

Well, my personal ranting aside, I have to admit, these “words” are becoming, or have become, a part of the English (or American) language. I can’t help but wonder if some day it will be considered appropriate to use these phrases in a paper or at an interview? I mean, a language is living, and it’s constantly being shaped by new generations. Just think about how many words Shakespeare invented in his day (around 2,000 if memory serves). One man was able to make thousands of words so popular that they were actually incorporated as part of his language. Now if he could do that, is it so far off to believe that “gtl” might be a legitimate phrase to use in a formal setting?

Aimee Lia


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