“Here I Go Again”


Hello, dear readers (if you actually exist), I am coming to you with probably the last blog post I will write for the Writing Center. I was going to write about something inconsequential, but now that just seems silly to waste a last blog post on.  This won’t help you become a better writer or anything. I am just going to ramble on why I love this place. My boss tells me I can’t say anything about horrible misadventures that may have occurred, and this has to somewhat be tangentially related to writing or something. So yeah, this just became a whole helluva a lot less interesting. Anyhow, OFF WE GO.


I am graduating in December, so I will be banished from the Writing Center. Please, ladies, dry your eyes. I know you are all glad that I am leaving, but crying out of joy is a bit disrespectful. Anyway, my time here has been pretty awesome. For me to be able to interact with writers that come in and possibly help them with their work has been a super humbling and neat experience. I mean, there are those of you that come in and are a bit, how do I put this politely, difficult. But it’s those challenging ones that make me really appreciate when I get through to a writer. That sounds so cliché.


I think the biggest thing, though, for me about the Writing Center is the tutors. I came here pretty much having destroyed my social life. It took longer than I’d like to admit before I realized that Bentley wasn’t for me. Getting hired to work at the Writing Center really helped me make my time here tolerable and, hell, even fun. I really can’t rave enough about the tutors here. They’re all smart, funny, intelligent, compassionate, and good people. Some of my favorite memories at Bentley come from either working with them or hanging out with them. If this is my last good bye to all of them, then: guys, we’ll always have the Writing Center. And none of this would have been possible, if I hadn’t been hired by Greg, the director here. Seriously, Greg is the best boss I’ve ever had.


I could go on for a while about why I love this place. But, I feel like I should give some sort of pseudo-advice. So, guys try to be open to adapting. You can’t always apply the same formula to anything you’re doing and expect the same results. It’s like if you’re really good at comedy and did a slapstick routine during a eulogy. It’s probably not going to go over well with your audience, unless of course it was a funeral for a clown, then it might just work. You need to be willing to try and change your style or your approach in order to get better results. Sometimes, it’ll go over great and everything is great. Other times, life is going to trample you and make you feel terrible. But that’s the thing about progress, you need to be able to get back up and try again. Maybe you aren’t the best writer or the best whatever, but if you keep trying and keep working at it from different angles, who knows? And maybe in the pursuit of that one goal, you learn more about yourself, and what you really love. To me, that’s the greatest achievement of all.  And now I leave you all, with a clichéd 80’s victory song.

-Vijay Maharaj

Vijay Maharaj

Here I Go Again

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