Forget the Commercials—Twitter Super Bowl Entertainment

I love the Super Bowl not only because of my self-identification as an avid football fan, but also because of the real-time highlights I can get via social media. Since I do not particularly favor the 49ers or the Ravens, I watched the game that has come to epitomize American culture with my laptop out and Twitter feed relentlessly refreshed. It made each fumble and touchdown more exciting; I suddenly could not witness a Ravens’ interception without checking how my followers felt about it. Not surprisingly, I was not the only one. The next day, Mashable (my favorite website for checking out the latest social media trends) posted an ode to Twitter titled “Twitter, You Won the Super Bowl.” The article not only describes the record-breaking Twitter statistics (24.1 million tweets compared to last year’s 13.7 million!) but also comments on the site’s superior witty observations that other social media platforms lack (I’m looking at you, Facebook.). The superdome power outage electrified the site with 231,500 tweets per minute according to USA Today. Some of my favorites came from the quick-minded users who created “Superdome Lights” handles and tweeted a variety of “Sorry guys!” throughout the blackout. Although I have spent the majority of my life watching the Super Bowl without the reliance of my Twitter feed to entertain me, it adds a new captivating element that complements the media circus surrounding the annual game.  Not to take away from the Raven’s well-earned victory, but I have to agree with Mashable’s  title—Joe Flacco, you may just have to share your MVP recognition to the social media site that was being watched with the same level of scrutiny as each of your throws.

Jen Stefancik

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