Hungry for the Apocalypse

During the past year, unless you lived under a rock, you know The Hunger Games trilogy took the world by storm.  To refresh your memory (this is just the sparknotes version), the story is set in the future, when the world is run by a hateful, devious government called the Capitol, and it’s fate is determined by a young 16-year old girl, Katniss Everdeen.  This idea of a world slowly beginning to fall apart at the seams, the idea of a fear-inducing, “Big Brother” government has defined a new trend in films and novels.  Movies with an apocalyptic theme continue to be released, with big names signing on, too.  Tom Cruise in Oblivion, Matt Damon in Elysium, Will Smith in After Earth—all upcoming films set in the future, with the story lines focusing on the end of the world.  The young adult book series Matched has been a recent bestseller sensation, and it literally has the exact same plot of the Hunger GamesTwilight started the obsession with vampires five years ago, just as the Hunger Games is starting this rather disturbing focus on the apocalypse.  I have to say, I certainly prefer different interpretations of the end of the world for now, as opposed to the saturated theme of vampires and forbidden love. AND the movie series for The Hunger Games actually features a talented cast, including Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence.  No offense vampire lover Kristen Stewart, but you’re old news now.  

Julie Bourgeois

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