Light Reading?

To follow up our last post about the best thing we’ve read recently, we polled our tutors for what they read during their often hectic, busy, and sleep-deprived semesters.  Except for Tammie, all of the tutors in the Writing Center are productive, hard working, and dedicated members of the Bentley community who have several extracurriculars and still manage to do well in their classes.  Check out their responses below.

Ciarah:  Sometimes I just pick up a few books from the showcase shelf in the library.  Other than that, I search Overdrive for books I’ve heard about and read them on my Kindle.

Dan:  For fun?  Flash fiction and poetry; they’re the only things I have any time to read given my schedule during the school year.

Katie:  To be honest, during the semester I mostly just read required reading for my classes.  I like to throw some Malcolm Gladwell in there too – my favorite book of his is Outliers, but I have a feeling I am going to love his new book, David and Goliath.

Tammie:  Whatever I can find time to read.  Copious amounts of Thought Catalog and Buzzfeed articles.  And fantasy books or graphic novels that I can knock out in a day when I’m really stressed out.

Phillip:  I unfortunately haven’t been able to read much recreationally this semester; I’ve just been so busy with school and work.  I do plan on finishing The Cuckoo’s Calling and I want to read W is for Wasted by Sue Grafton (I’ve read all her alphabet books so far) over winter break.

Greg: When I was a student, I saved most of my binge reading for the end of the semester. Just as finals were about to start, I’d always grab a book off the bookshelf—easy, pulpy, genre fiction, typically. Sometimes it was something that I’d read before; sometimes it was something new. But I always felt that reading gave me an escape from the stress of finals, and it forced me to better organize my time (once you’ve spent 3 hours reading the day before a final, that pretty much defines what time you have left to study!)

Let us know what you read over the semester – and send over anything you find interesting to read, too!

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