How Do YOU Express Yourself?

For as long as I can remember, I have loved to draw and paint. Whether it means doodling in my notebook or creating an acrylic masterpiece on canvas, the sensation is the same. I like to let my hand flow, free to create and erase as I please. At first, I thought of this simply as a hobby. It was not until later that I realized it is much more than that. Painting is my preferred method of expression. Once something triggers my desire to create, I cannot put my pencil or paintbrush down. It is all I can think about until my newest endeavor is complete.

I like to view painting as my escape. I don’t create for the attention it captures, and I certainly don’t create based on what others would like to see. I create for myself, trusting that the final product will accurately reflect my personality and interests. I create to momentarily escape the worries in my head, to relax through this unusual yet effective form of cleansing. My painting doesn’t represent a particular style, and no two of my pieces are ever the same. The results of my creative escapades fill the walls of my room, adding a sense of identity to my own safe haven. What matters is that I have found an outlet to express myself in a way that portrays who I am, and for that I am lucky.

So here begins my challenge to you: find your creative outlet. We all carry this individuality in some shape or form, even though we may not always be aware of it. Maybe you are a dancer, a musician, an athlete, a writer – the list goes on. Whatever it is, embrace it. This is what makes you YOU.

The next time you are having a bad day or just feel inspired, take the time to immerse yourself in expression. You can go for a run or rant in your journal. It’s not so much about what you do, but how you do it. No matter the possibilities, the end goal is the same.

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