Writing Tutor Profile – Maria Clarice Chua

Interview by Elena Andreadis

Meet Maria, a third semester tutor here at the Writing Center. She is from Edison, New Jersey and came to Bentley in hopes of pursuing an Actuarial Science degree. I asked Maria some questions about herself and life at the Center.

Q: So Maria, how did you get interested in becoming a Writing Center tutor?

A: It all started with my expos 201 class. Because of a professor’s recommendation, I was sent an e-mail to apply for the position, and, sure enough, I interviewed and got the job! I liked the idea of having an on-campus job for the extra money.

 Q: What you like the best about working at the Writing Center?

A: The tutors are a lot of fun to be around and to work with. My boss Greg is funny, easy-going and understanding because he was a tutor himself. The writers that come in are fun to work with. I like the ones that really want to improve their writing skills by asking questions.

 Q: What is your best attribute/skill as a tutor?

A: I use life examples to help the writers feel better about themselves. A lot of writers who come in aren’t confident, and I try my best to reassure them because even the best writers make mistakes.

 Q: What do you love the most about writing?

A: I like the idea that writing validates your existence. It is a very vulnerable process because you are putting your mind, thoughts, and yourself on a piece of paper for the world to read. Writing is proof that I am here, and I love the expression of ideas that come through one’s writing.

 Q: What book(s) have you read recently and why?

A: The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides. The book was very interesting although I didn’t always follow it due to his flowery language and unique writing style.

 Q: What classes at Bentley have you done the most writing in?

A: Besides EXP201, I took a literature class (LIT395) titled Asian American Experience in Literature. We watched movies and read books to examine what exactly the immigrant experience was like for an Asian coming to America. It made me realize that my experience growing up was similar, being an immigrant from the Philippines and all. I took this class with Nicole, another tutor at the Center.

 Q: What do you plan to do after you graduate?

A: I want to live and work as an actuary in Boston. I hope to travel to different places I’ve never been before. I also hope to reach my dream goal of writing a novel someday.

Q: Plans for the summer?

A: I will be getting my wisdom teeth out right after finals (Boo), but more importantly, I landed an internship in Hartford at Travelers (Yay). I hope to visit Boston on the weekends and come back home sometime in August to see my parents.

Be sure to stop by the Center to improve your writing, and get to know Maria while you’re at it!

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