Bentley Students Turn Drunken Tirade Into A Campaign To Feed And Clothe Homeless

By Rachel Palumbo

Originally posted on The Odyssey

There’s nothing college students love more than YouTube videos and mac and cheese, better yet, YouTube videos about mac and cheese. When a YouTube video of a drunken college student aggressively demanding “Jalapeno and Bacon Mac and Cheese” went viral, junior Sathya Perri and freshman Devin Quinn knew exactly how to turn a negative into a positive. Peri and Quinn are Students at Bentley University who were brought together by their desire to spark social change through social media.

Peri and Quinn started off as a part of a small group of friends who wanted to do something meaningful for the local community during the Holidays. They decided their mission was to address homelessness and hunger by providing a bowl of jalapeno and bacon mac and cheese to 100 homeless people shortly before Thanksgiving. Their efforts and goals grew as more and more people jumped on board to help them. They eventually collected enough money to be able to provide a full meal (not just mac and cheese) to those they will be serving. Motivated by the success of their project, they partnered with Y2Y Harvard Square, a shelter for homeless youth, to provide 30 individuals with warm beanies, socks and gloves. Their most recent efforts have also allowed them to partner with Strideline; for every pair of socks purchased through Peri and Quinn’s unique fundraising link, a pair will be donated to the cause.

Peri and Quinn recognize that, though the Jalapeno and Bacon Mac and Cheese Video gave them their inspiration, it was just the vehicle the boys needed to discover their passion: helping those struggling with homelessness and hunger. They are two individuals who care about their community and the well being of others. What I’ve found is that while most people do care about the community, they rarely take action. Yet, Peri and Quinn took the initiative to do something, and are seeing an incredible following.

To follow their success and/ or make a donation please visit the link below:

To view the YouTube video that started it all check out:

Wishing them luck as they continue this exciting journey!

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