Where Art Thou Winter?

by Elena Andreadis The leaves are changing colors, the air is crisp and students are pulling out the Bean boots. Saturdays are spent at the orchard picking Honey Crisps off the much-too-tall trees, waiting in the much-too-long lines to purchase gallons of fresh apple cider, and eating as many as possible of the much-too-good apple … Continue reading Where Art Thou Winter?


Writing Tutor Profile – Maria Clarice Chua

Interview by Elena Andreadis Meet Maria, a third semester tutor here at the Writing Center. She is from Edison, New Jersey and came to Bentley in hopes of pursuing an Actuarial Science degree. I asked Maria some questions about herself and life at the Center. Q: So Maria, how did you get interested in becoming … Continue reading Writing Tutor Profile – Maria Clarice Chua