Writing Center Open House Pictures

When new students came to the Writing Center open house this year, we asked them to do one of two things: add their own thoughts to a collaborative exquisite corpse story or respond to some images we had on the wall. Here's what it looked like: And here are some closeups with the clever, thoughtful, and … Continue reading Writing Center Open House Pictures


Library Open House Exquisite Corpse Project

Today the Writing Center participated in the library's open house, and when new first-year students visited us, they were asked to participate in one of two writing projects. One of them was an exquisite corpse project where they were only able to see a portion of what was written previously. What follows started with the … Continue reading Library Open House Exquisite Corpse Project

Local Slang: A Guide to Being “Wicked Smaht”

by Kerry Ryan Who are the mysterious people that hang around with some Green Monster? They keep their Red Sox jerseys tucked in neatly as they mosey about with their daily Dunkins styrofoam cups. They can even be spotted throwing their Bruins caps as they yell that you are going wicked slow around the rotary. … Continue reading Local Slang: A Guide to Being “Wicked Smaht”