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Formatting versus Content: The Influence of Specific Formatting Requirements our Writing

By Gabby Tetreault We’ve all been there. A professor assigns a paper, and along with the assignment comes a page-long list of formatting requirements that the paper must meet. The criteria are so specific that we wonder how we’ll be … Continue reading

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Light Reading?

To follow up our last post about the best thing we’ve read recently, we polled our tutors for what they read during their often hectic, busy, and sleep-deprived semesters.  Except for Tammie, all of the tutors in the Writing Center … Continue reading

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Hungry for the Apocalypse

During the past year, unless you lived under a rock, you know The Hunger Games trilogy took the world by storm.  To refresh your memory (this is just the sparknotes version), the story is set in the future, when the … Continue reading

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The Cover Letter Charade

Writing has always been a source of comfort for me—a way to express myself free from the judgment of others.  Ever since my mom bought me that rhinestone-studded diary in third grade (yes, I was “that girl”), I have used … Continue reading

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What Makes Harry Potter so Magical?

Why am I still a loyal Potterhead, five years after the last Harry Potter book was published? My alarm clock wakes me up with the chimes of Hedwig’s Theme. My future cat is already named Dobby. When I study abroad … Continue reading

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Two Tips to Improve your Writing (Plus Resources!)

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a blog post about writing well. The following are two tips that I think you might find useful in improving the quality of your writing! Without further ado: Use a variety of sentence types. Variety … Continue reading

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