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Formatting versus Content: The Influence of Specific Formatting Requirements our Writing

By Gabby Tetreault We’ve all been there. A professor assigns a paper, and along with the assignment comes a page-long list of formatting requirements that the paper must meet. The criteria are so specific that we wonder how we’ll be … Continue reading

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Breaking the “Writing Rules”

As a Writing Center tutor, I see a lot of writing habits that make cringe. But don’t worry, if you work with me, it is not you making me distraught. No, the issues stem from writing “rules” ingrained in students’ … Continue reading

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Is Writing by Hand Obsolete?

We’ve been a little delinquent in posting new material, so I thought I’d get this semester kicked off with a short rumination on why doing some writing away from the keyboard might actually be beneficial, even in this age of … Continue reading

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The Curse of Writer’s Block

Answer me honestly.  Is there anything more annoying (and downright infuriating) than a dreaded case of writer’s block?  Your brain futilely scavenges its deepest crevasses, searching for something—anything—to put on the paper.  Your fingers lie restlessly above the keyboard, waiting … Continue reading

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The Writing Illness

Last year, I interviewed a Bentley junior and asked her what it was about a business school that made her so interested in attending one. She, of course, mentioned the great after-graduation career opportunities, but—more importantly—she also stated: “Plus, I … Continue reading

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Read it Loud, Read it Proud

Considering I am a writing tutor myself, I am ashamed to admit that grammar often perplexes me. That is not to say that I write with poor grammar, but rather that the rules and accepted conventions are not something I … Continue reading

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Free Your Writing

Do you ever feel constrained by academic writing? I do. Sometimes I get caught up in obeying every grammar rule, making every paragraph transition effectively, and structuring my thoughts in a way that produces a coherent paper. Not to mention, … Continue reading

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