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Library Open House Exquisite Corpse Project

Today the Writing Center participated in the library’s open house, and when new first-year students visited us, they were asked to participate in one of two writing projects. One of them was an exquisite corpse project where they were only … Continue reading

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Formatting versus Content: The Influence of Specific Formatting Requirements our Writing

By Gabby Tetreault We’ve all been there. A professor assigns a paper, and along with the assignment comes a page-long list of formatting requirements that the paper must meet. The criteria are so specific that we wonder how we’ll be … Continue reading

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Breaking the “Writing Rules”

As a Writing Center tutor, I see a lot of writing habits that make cringe. But don’t worry, if you work with me, it is not you making me distraught. No, the issues stem from writing “rules” ingrained in students’ … Continue reading

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Writing the Right Words

By Erik Alatalo Have you ever started a sentence, ready to begin discussing the ideas forming in your head, only to hit a mental roadblock as you struggle to find the right… Words give us the wonderful ability to record … Continue reading

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My Experiment With Robots

By Phillip Spencer I had this deal with a friend in high school where if either of us were absent, the other one would give him their notes to copy.  Which basically meant that if we knew the other person … Continue reading

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Writing Tutor Profile – Maria Clarice Chua

Interview by Elena Andreadis Meet Maria, a third semester tutor here at the Writing Center. She is from Edison, New Jersey and came to Bentley in hopes of pursuing an Actuarial Science degree. I asked Maria some questions about herself … Continue reading

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Good Reads

Hey, Bentley!  We’re back with another installment of our tutors’ answers to writing-related questions. This one’s a short one:  What’s the best thing you’ve read recently?  Dan:  Flash Fiction Forward:  80 Very Short Stories. Nicole:  The Mortal Instruments series by … Continue reading

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