#Senior #StruggleCity #AreWeInTheBahamasYet

Apologies to the rest of the student body, but this post is going to be a little biased towards the senior class. This being said, I’m sure many of you can still relate, even if you aren’t part of the elite class of 2013. So here we all are, one year left. Don’t worry, I’m … Continue reading #Senior #StruggleCity #AreWeInTheBahamasYet


Books without Borders

After 40 years, it’s hard to believe Borders has gone out of business. Every memory I have of the place consists of me weaving in and out of the infamous 30-person register line while I attempt to find one of those cliché, high-school, “So important that every teacher in the tri-state area feels compelled to … Continue reading Books without Borders