Being a Writing Center Tutor

Recently a few tutors reflected on their experiences as Writing Center tutors. Here are two different perspectives. One is from a senior who has worked at the Writing Center for almost three years, and the others is written by someone who just started working there this semester. Sixth and Final Semester As I am writing … Continue reading Being a Writing Center Tutor


The Lost Reader

If you asked me for the title of a book that I’ve read sometime over the last year, my answer would be, sadly, my microeconomics textbook. If you stretch that year to two years or even four, my answer would still be a textbook or required reading of some sort. It’s a sad truth for … Continue reading The Lost Reader

Forget the Commercials—Twitter Super Bowl Entertainment

I love the Super Bowl not only because of my self-identification as an avid football fan, but also because of the real-time highlights I can get via social media. Since I do not particularly favor the 49ers or the Ravens, I watched the game that has come to epitomize American culture with my laptop out … Continue reading Forget the Commercials—Twitter Super Bowl Entertainment